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Sunday 28 September 2008 - 18:25:25

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In order to achieve significant cost savings, a globally leading company in IT outsourcing engaged us to provide desktop services (PC-Refresh, Break & Fix and IMACD Service) for 35,000 workstations in five European countries (Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, Switzerland).

The challenge:

The aim was to perform around 80,000 service assignments completely in all five European countries with a 6-hour restoration time on a ticket basis. The transition from the existing service provider was to be carried out practically unnoticed by the end customer. The given cost framework demanded a massive cost saving right from day one without affecting the service level and the utilisation of cost synergies through a trans-national governance structure.


In order to stay within the assured cost frame we introduced a ticket based invoicing system. The difference here is that previous service providers charged for their services according to the work involved and thus shifted the responsibility for productivity to the ordering party. Since the assignment involved taking over the commission during running operations, we controlled the take-over of the tasks by means of a two-month training and shadowing phase. In this two-month phase we customized the Hemmersbach Process Management System to the customer’s requirements on the basis of defined key performance indicators. In this way, on the day of complete take-over we were able to monitor the service levels of the technicians proactively in all the countries via the “central ticket police” in the headquarters.


The cross border synergies were implemented through central control and the Hemmersbach Process Management System and in this way achieved improved quality from the first day. We reduced our customer’s service costs by 35 %.

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